Raspberry Pi board bring up

Raspberry Pi boards support number of Operating System flavor. Raspberry Pi OS images come as .img format. These images are compressed into a .zip or .gz for distribution.

Following article shall use “Raspbian” operating system for tutorial.

  • Formatting SD card

A single SD card can be re-used to try different OSes (unless off course you plan to buy multiple cards). A SD card is partitioned into multiple partitions during the process of OS installation. There are instance where a portion of memory is left un-allocated (can be checked with any disk manager)

For instance, following picture shows 2 partition of the SD card (Disk 2).

a. boot partition b. Ext partition.

“ext” partition needs to be formatted using a partition manager. (I use Windows Disk Manager or MiniTool to do that).

Format the SD card to recover all partition and memory into a single partition. You can write a new image on the card after format is complete.

  • Writing OS image (.img) to SD card
  1. Download Raspbian full desktop version from here.
  2. Unzip the package.
  3. Write .img to SD card using Win32 Disk Imager.

You card is ready to boot.

  • Booting up the board
  1. Insert the card into sd card slot on RPi.
  2. Connect your monitor to HDMI port along with a keyboard/mouse on USB ports.
  3. Power on the device.
  4. OS installation will take some time. After installation, the default user “pi” with auto-logon. (default password : raspberry)
  5. Check network interfaces using “ifconfig -a” command in cliIMG_20160614_190750
  6. On the top right corner, look for wifi signal icon. It should show you any available Wi-Fi connections.IMG_20160614_190800
  7. Connect and again check interface status as in step 5 above



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