Income Tax Return filing on

1.       Register using your PAN on and link you Aadhar

2.       From the left panel of quick links, click Quick e-File ITR

3.       Choose options -> ITR1, Assessment year <2016-2017>, From PAN database, NO and submit

4.       Address should be auto-populated, Update Mobile number and email id

5.       Employer Category – Others

6.       Tax Status – Nil Tax Balance

7.       Residential status – RES

8.       Return filed – Before Due Dt

9.       Whether original — Original

10.   Civil code Portuguese – NO

11.   Aadhar Number

12.   Save draft and go to next page

13.   Put the amount from your form 16 section 6 (Income chargeable under the head ‘Salaries’ (3-5) in B1

14.   If you have declared any Section 80 exemption put that down.


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